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SHORTCUTS in NX 12 (Danh sách các phím tắt trong NX 12)

When you use shortcuts in NX software, it helps work faster and more efficiently. The list of shortcuts is below:

1Ctrl+ NCreate a new file
2Ctrl+ OOpen a file
3Ctrl+ SSave As
4Ctrl+ Shift+ ASave As
5Ctrl+ 1 Open Customize
6Ctrl+ 2User Interface Preferences
7Ctrl+ BHide selected object
8Ctrl+ WShow and Hidden
9Ctrl+ ZUndo Command
10Ctrl+ YRedo Command
13F8Normal view
14Shift+ F8Sketch normal view
15ZCreate profile in sketch 2D
16RCreate rectangle in sketch 2D
17LCreate line in sketch 2D
18ACreate arc in sketch 2D
19OCreate circle in sketch 2D
20SCreate spline in sketch 2D
21PCreate profile in sketch 2D
22FFillet command in sketch 2D
23TTrim command in sketch 2D
24EExtend command in sketch 2D
25DRapid Dimension in sketch 2D
26CGeometric constraint in sketch 2D
27Ctrl+ QFinish sketch 2D
28XExtrude command
29NStudio Surface command
30Ctrl+ 4Create plane from 4 points
31Ctrl+ Shift+ DDrafting environment
32DRapid dimension in Drafting
33Ctrl + MModeling environment
34Ctrl+ Alt+ M Manufacturing Environment
35Ctrl+ JChange display (color, transparent) object

In addition, you can setup the shortcuts in NX by yourself. You can watch detail in the video:


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